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  • Gokhan Akdemir

    Hi Valery,

    Could you please explain calculation for Voice Pulse campaign?

    If we have 4 concurrent ports ,frequency is 60 mins, Max CAPS 20.

    How many call will be performed by Cyara with round-robin configuration for an hour?

    20/4=5 is correct calculation for each configured test case, correct?

    If we have configured 2 test cases, Cyara will be performed 10 calls for an hour.


    Gokhan Akdemir 


  • Valery Topilin

    Hi Gokhan,

    The math above is applicable for Load Testing campaigns, because Cruncher allows 3 parameters: CAPS, Ramp Up Time, Ports.

    Pulse campaigns are different, they run on the schedule and each cycle Pulse campaigns places as many calls as many test cases added to the campaign (or DataDriven scenarios attached).


    Campaign 1 scheduled to run every 15 minutes, with concurrency 1 port, with 5 test cases added. Each of the test cases have about 2 minutes duration.

    • 12:00am Cyara starts dialing the 1st call with concurrency 1.
    • 12:02am 1st call is over and second starts
    • 12:10am the last call is completed
    • 12:15am the next cycle starts


    Campaign2 is scheduled to run every 20 minutes, with CAPS 20, and 4 ports. Campaign has the same 5 test cases attached with 2 minutes duration avg.

    • 12:00am Cyara starts all 4 test cases at the same time, because number of test cases is less than CAPS
    • 12:02am 4 test cases are completed. Cyara places the last 5th call to complete a cycle and test all 5 test cases attached to the campaign
    • 12:04am cycle ends
    • 12:20am the next cycle starts

    As you can see in both scenarios Cyara places a many calls as needed to test all of the test cases or scenarios attached to the campaign. When a cycle ends, Cyara waits for the next start time to test all of these test cases again.



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