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    what is resolution ?

    Expected 9 steps but got 4

  • christopher williams

    Abhinav Dev This is caused by the test case ending before all steps are completed. Typically the reason for this (with an inbound/CX test case) is because the customer-near-side of the testing dropped the call before the test case was completed.

    Sometimes this can be for reasons such as inputting incorrect authentication information so the test call is dropped. And that is desirable, so the solution is to refine the "Reply With" content of the test case to achieve the desired results.

    Other times this is an indication of a problem in the tested platform or a misunderstanding of the constraints of the tested platform. (e.g., if the test case attempts 4 minutes of silence, but the platform detects and hangs up after 4 minutes of silence... the test case is incorrectly configured for the platform constraints. If everything in the test case is correct, but the system is behaving incorrectly, sometimes that's a design issue in the platform being tested.)


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