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    tech writers

    So that Cyara Community Moderators are able to respond to your questions in the most helpful manner, remember to be concise and clear. 

    For example, try framing your question as a goal, like: “I want to migrate my contact centre to the cloud. How can Cyara help?”

    For questions that are of a more technical nature, be as specific and precise as possible. For example: “I am receiving an unexpectedly low confidence score for an expect-to-hear prompt using the {Digits} tag. What do I need to change?”

    Cyara Community posts can also include attachments in the form of images, since, as the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” When appropriate, please include screenshots of issues that you may be experiencing, as they can be very helpful. 

    Please note: Before attaching images to your post, remove any sensitive information. Cyara Community posts are accessible to all Cyara Customers, so remember to exclude all sensitive and confidential information.

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