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    Valery Topilin

    Hi Rich!

    PSST is a Cyara's way of understanding whether the IVR prompt is over or not. PSST states for Post Speech Silence Timeout, which is easy to understand if we review it in the following way:

    Unlike to humans computers cannot understand speech real-time (yet) therefore IVRs usually play some announcement and then:

    1. Take a pause to wait for a user input
    2. Take a pause that is needed to load the next announcement

    During this pause there is nothing is played and a caller hears a silence. This silence Cyara uses to detect that the IVR step is over. These 2 possible scenarios lead to 2 most typical situations: when the user input is required and when the user input is not required.

    Though every IVR is different, Cyara came up with 2 recommendations for these 2 scenarios:

    1. If a user input is required PSST value should be as high as possible. Usually it is limited with user input timeout on the IVR, which is in the range of 2.5-4 seconds.
    2. If a user input is not required PSST value should be as low as possible. Yet less than the longest pause in between the words in the prompt. In many situations value from 0.5 - 0.1 seconds works

    Hope it helps! If not, please let us know and I will engage our support team!

  • Mark Ryan

    Hi Rich,


    So how many seconds is your long prompt?  


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